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Biggest Mistakes That Beginners Make

by David Rains
Biggest Mistakes That Beginners Make

Keeping a reef in your home is easier than ever before due to improvements in technology and the continued growth of the reef-keeping community. However, reef keeping does come with a learning curve and can challenge many novice hobbyists. Below are a few of the most common mistakes beginners make and how to avoid them. 

1. Impatience

One of the most common mistakes that a new reef-keeper makes is impatience. Patience is a requirement for just about anything you do with saltwater aquariums, including reef-keeping. While it is natural to want immediate results and growth, long-term success will depend on taking your time to build out your tank fully.

2. Overcrowding and Cramming 

Crowding and cramming go hand-in-hand. Simply put, you don't want to add too much to your tank too fast. Even in a well-established system, trying to accommodate too many additions can lead to new tank syndrome, which you can click here to learn more about. Instead, take your time as you add new coral, and give your tank time to acclimate anytime you add something new fully. 

3. Insufficient research

Sooner or later, a lack of research will and the poor planning that comes with it will lead to several issues. Research the coral you want and how to care for them before you buy them to know how you wish to act in your tank. Regardless of experience, it is essential to start with as much information as possible and go from there.

4. Lack of Maintenance

After the initial honeymoon period, beginners tend to lose faith in their ability to care for the tank properly. This often leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy of the tank not being up to your standards and the energy not being put in to maintain it. The best thing to do at this moment is to hunker down and keep going. This is just a moment in the process of tank maintenance. 

5. Not asking for help

Reefkeeing is not a hobby that needs to be done in solitude. One of the biggest mistakes any beginner can make is not asking for help when you need it. Researching on your own is great, but it is ok and encouraged to ask more experienced reef keepers for advice and insight. 

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by David Rains

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